Monday, September 16, 2013

Education and Technology

         Education should not be standardized in the same way it was back in the 19th Century. With the technology we have today, we should utilize it to benefit us for education purposes. Since the peak of the mind varies through the different age groups, schooling should be done at different times. To accomplish this, we can use an online schooling based on intelligence levels, pacing needs, and other deciding factors for how to be placed in said class. There is no need to eliminate human contact though, on the contrary, personal collaboration is also a big part of the human mind's development.
         The computer can be used at a public school setting on a daily basis for less hours a day only to instruct on basic principalities needed to function in common life. There is no need to go into the depth of subjects if not necessary for interests in future career paths. Once basic concepts are grasped, there is no need to continue to learn the 3rd derivative for example. The internet can be used for many things, including a quick search of information when necessary.
          The public school system is by far inefficient, and needs to be drastically changed to fit the needs of the ever-changing technological society that has developed.

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